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What we love...

We support and believe in healthy products that support our beliefs and we want our customers to know about them too.  Here's who we love:

Young Living - it's  not just essential oils.  So many different products that are good for you!  First time orders get 10% off with the code SHAREYL.


I've spoken many times about Azure in my blog posts.  This company has it all.  Check out my blog posts or check them out yourself.  This is primarily my grocery store.

To preorder our sourdough bread and other baked goods, go to Hot Plate:

Everyone needs to know about this!  Did you know as we age, our body greatly reduces the stem cells that we have in our body.  At 61 years of age, there's a huge decline.  This is one of the reasons why our body starts breaking down as we age.  Wouldn't it be cool if our body could "reset" our genes to a younger healthier state, naturally of course.  It can.  Thankfully, Keith and I have discovered the x39 patches.  If you want to see what they are about visit here.  If you want to know more after checking out the site, text Michelle at 603-365-1297 and we can chat more.  I cannot stress it more, if you want better sleep, more energy, less pain, less stress, more youthful vitality, better wound healing, reach out.

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